In Praise of Living Water in a Parched Land

  • Former Chaplain John W. Smith

    “From the first time I met George Holley, I knew he had enormous potential and I appreciate how he shares what happened when he made a commitment to serve God even if it meant his death in prison. This story is honest and powerful. It should be read and shared, and I hope a way can be found to make this available for prisoners and their families. This book and its message can make a big difference and change lives.”

    Mayor Pro-Tempore, Town of Weldon, NC
    Former Chaplain John W. Smith, Odom Correctional Institution
    Former Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church,
    and Little Zion Baptist Church, Halifax NC

  • Scottie Barnes

    “George and Patsy Holley’s story is compelling. What a blessing it would be if it were read by every prisoner, ever prisoner’s family, chaplains, prison volunteers, pastors, and youth leaders. Chaplain Holley is committed to God’s will and is passionate about the souls of captives and the oppressed. He looks beyond their faults and ministers to their needs. This book and his work will extend far beyond his life, and many will be forever better for it.”

    Scottie Barnes
    Founder and Director, Forgiven Ministry
    Taylorsville, NC.

  • Dr. Ronnie Owen

    “George Holley presents his story of God’s restorative, redemptive grace in a gripping fashion. It is the authentic account of his life. Characterized by down-to-earth authenticity and active compassion for people, Chaplain Holley has excelled in encouraging others to be used by God to help dispel the darkness and hopelessness experienced by so many. It is my privilege to recommend this excellent volume and its author, a genuine friend of more than thirty years. I believe that this dynamic, personal story can be used to both encourage and challenge us.”

    Dr. Ronnie Owen
    Served over 48 years as Pastor, Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Asheville, NC
    Old Testament Professor, Fruitland Baptist Bible College, Hendersonville, NC

  • Lee Beaman Tyson

    “I vividly remember being uncomfortable with the title of George’s prison program “Winners and Losers” that you’ll read about in this book. I worried that in our speaking engagements, he would be identified as a loser and I would be identified as a winner. I knew that was far from the truth because I was very well acquainted with my own sin. Yet, the sparkle of forgiveness and freedom he had from our Lord Jesus Christ was brighter than the crown I wore as Miss North Carolina. Clearly George was a winner, and I was a loser. Years later, after experiencing heartbreak of my own, I came to Christ and asked for the crown of new life. I was set free and became a winner, just like George. May all who read his story receive their crown and take their place in the royal family of God.”

    Lee Beaman Tyson
    Child of the King
    Miss North Carolina 1988

  • Recent Comments

    A prisoner who recently graduated from a seminary program for prisoners said, “This book gave the class a roadmap for how to handle specific situations we may encounter when helping the chaplains we are assigned to. It should be part of our curriculum”

    One prison chaplain said it is the best book he has ever read written by someone who has been prison. Everyone including correctional chaplains, pastors and prison volunteers should read it.”

    An older lady commented, “I read it slow. I didn’t want it to end. I want all my children to read it. When will the next book be available?”

    “There was a devotional in every chapter. I really needed the encouragement.”

  • Comments

    Praise report!  Your donations are having a positive effect on the prison systems where the book, Living Water in a Parched Land: A Prisoner’s Journey from Rebellion to Redemption has been distributed.  One NC prison reported that between Jan-Mar for the last 3 years, write-ups numbered between100-120 per month.  This year with the chaplain assistants counseling fellow prisoners and providing them books, write-ups fell to between 19-20 each month.  The chaplain assistants are asking for more Living Water books to help them reach even more men.   With the help of many donors, another 150 books are going out this week.  Thank you for your donations.