Books For Prisoners

As a former prison Chaplain and pastor, I personally know the value of inspirational books in prisons and jails. Many people, some who would never attend a religious service, have come to a life-changing experience after or while reading the Bible or an inspirational book or both. We have a special opportunity this year to get our book into prisons in 6 states this year through Forgiven Ministry in Taylorsville, NC.

The Scottie Barnes Story

Listen to Scottie Barnes, Forgiven Ministry Director, speak about growing up with a father in prison and how it led to One Day With God camps.

2008 One Day With God Camp, Craggy Correctional Center

         This year, Forgiven Ministry expects to conduct 22 camps (see posted chart) with about 30-35 prisoners in each camp.  We want to provide 40 books for each ODWG camp. That will allow one book for each prisoner-parent and give any excess books to the chaplain for the prison.  While the ODWG program is being conducted inside the prison, a program for the children’s caregivers (mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.) is conducted at a close-by location outside the prison.  It would be great if there were additional books to give to the caregivers as well.

Projected 2024 ODWG Camp Schedule

         One of the ODWG camps this year is scheduled at Nash Correctional Institution in Nashville NC on March 23th.  We would like to be able to provide extra books for that camp so Scottie can give a book to each prisoner enrolled in the 4-year prisoner-minister seminary program there.  Last year we were able to give each prison seminary graduate a book.  One of graduate said it was exactly what they needed. He said they had received the theological studies in the class work, but from Living Water in A Parched Land, and the story about George’s journey, showed how as prisoners they could also work with the chaplains and staff as prisoner-ministers in their assigned prisons.